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Maybe F-35 is better but there is lot tehnicial problems with it and that is reason why it is not in use. F-35 is stealth plane and that is main and only adventage when compared to Rafale. Both Planes use same AAM and AGM missiles and their radars are on same level, so only adventage is easier detection of target due stealth technology. 2 F35 o Rafale? Un confronto tra Italia e Francia. Scritto da Giuseppe Gagliano.Postato in Conflitti & terrorismo, Osservatorio Globalizzazione. L'F35 (o Joint Strike Fighter), l'aereo da caccia costruito da Lockheed Martin per quanto possa essere criticato è comunque un avversario formidabile per il Rafale francese The Rafale is much more agile than the F-35, with superior climb rate, sustained turn performance, Each type has evolved in common generations designated F1, F2, F3 and F3R F-35 can fly one hour every two days, and has direct operating cost of 30.000 USD per hour. Pilots have to fly at least 30 hours per month, preferably 45 hours. Rafale allows up to 81 hour per month in the air (likely somewhat less), while F-35 allows 15 hours per month

F-35 vs Rafale: il caccia francese significativamente superiore all'F-35 in combattimento (VIDEO) - DIFESA E INTELLIGENCE - L'Antidiplomatico - La politica internazionale che il mainstream non vi raccont The F-35 certainly is stealthier than the Rafale, but that is about the only real advantage it has. The Rafale makes for a better bomber or air-superiority fighter. The JSF is also hindered by its proprietary maintenance model and its lack of two-seater variant. Sure, it has a STOVL version, but few have need (or the budget) for that capability File photo of a French Air Force Rafale B in flight. (Photo: Dassault Aviation) The aquisition program, which was first announced on Greek newspapers two weeks ago, will procure 18 Rafale fighter. F 35 vs rafale pric Military aviation forum mainly focusing on the F-16, F-35 and F-22 jet fighters. Contains high quality discussions and has a gentle but strict moderation. F-35 Lightning II vs Dassault Rafale - F-35 versus XY

Il Dassault Rafale (in italiano: raffica) è un aereo da caccia multiruolo francese prodotto dalla Dassault Aviation. È caratterizzato da un'ala a delta e da alette canard, ha una coppia di motori turbofan Snecma M88-2 montati nella sezione di coda e un'unica e ampia deriva. È stato progettato per essere utilizzato sia dall'aeronautica militare francese sia dall'aviazione di marina come. F-35 vs Typhoon: la parola all'ex Ad (italiano) di Eurofighter. 30 ottobre 2013; di Silvio Lora Lamia; in Analisi Industria; L'industria aerospaziale e della difesa italiana non si è mai trovata così in contrasto con il suo cliente naturale, le quattro Forze Armate, come con il programma F-35 Rafale vs F-22 vs Eurofighter en combat aux Émirats . F-35 Joint Strike Fighter VS Eurofighter Typhoon Cost- F-35 wins at 95 Million per Jet vs the 125 Million per Typhoon (USD) Computer abilities- The F-35 has the most advanced pilot system in the world compared to a 4th gen jet Effectivement décevante vs Rafale; mais bon, il n'y avait guère d'acheteur dans les tribunes ce jour là, et à. Both the F-35 and the Rafale epitomize the multirole fighter type. These aircraft are true jack-of-all-trades following in the footsteps of aircraft like the F-4 Phantom II. The JSF takes things a couple of steps further by adding stealth and a STOVL variant, both of which have proven to be controversial additions

The problem given by Rafale to other fighters is quite clear : Rafale is 4 1/2 generation fighter with 5 1/2 generation avionics . I wouldn 't be surprised if a Rafale vs F-35/F-22 scenario endup with the Dassault fighter winning the engagement Dassault Rafale vs Sukhoi SU-35 ComparisonComments of readers (Feel free to leave a reply on bottom.)1. Maneuverability of su 35 is better than rafale's. An su-30mki can beat rafale any day let alone the su 35 .it has better bvr capability than the F 35 vs rafale price F 35 vs rafale pric The Rafale F3-R is currently the only European fighter with an operational AESA radar, as the AESA-equipped Saab Gripen E is still being tested and the Captor-E radar for the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Name: Dassault Rafale Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II; Type: Multirole fighter: Stealth multirole fighter: Origin: France: USA: Produced: 1986: 2006: Unit cost Jf 17 Block 3 Vs Rafale Its not a comparison. They do different jobs, or more aptly, they do the same job differantly. In a dogfight, 1 V 1, the Rafale would smoke the F35, because it can turn, has very good jammers, and is faster. But 1 v 1 dogfights are kind of out of.

Dassault Rafale vs F-35 Lightning II - Comparison - BVR

F35 o Rafale? Un confronto tra Italia e Francia

It can locate enemy radar signals to their precise location from over 200 miles away. F2 and F3 will have many vast improuvements from experience gained from the F1. the Rafale has also had a chance to train against US ACC, with F-14's and F-18's, as well as the F-16's. The F-14 and F-18's were easy prey Since France plans to maintain the Rafale with its air and naval air forces at least through 2040, the French Ministry of Defense invests in the continuous modernization and upgrading of the aircraft. €1 billion were allocated for the development of the current variant - F3-R, which will integrate the Meteor, MBDA's new extended-range air/air missile


Based on the numbers I get from internet research, the thrust-to-weight ratios you list for the F-35, Rafale, and Gripen (0.87, 0.99 and 1.06 respectively) would require the following: F-35 carrying 20,125 lbs load vs Rafale carrying 13,443 lbs load vs Gripen carrying 4,475 lbs load. That doesn't seem like a fair comparison to m The F4 standard guarantees that Rafale will remain at world-class level so that our combat air forces can carry out all their missions with optimum efficiency, whether in coalition operations or completely independently, as required by the French nuclear deterrent, stated Eric Trappier.This new standard also guarantees that Rafale will remain a credible reference on the export market

France's Dassault Rafale Is No Competition for the F-35

Ten of these fighters will be the F3-R variant built from scratch while the other 8 jets will be second-hand aircraft that will be transferred free to Greece from the French Air Force. The French proposal competes with a US offer of 20 Lockheed Martin F-35 fighters, La Tribune reported on Sep. 1 Phaid RE:How will F-35 perform in air-to-air vs. Rafale, Gripen, Typhoon? 7/12/2006 2:05:00 PM. Bluewings, I know exactly what I am talking about, and everything I said is true. Since you once again have chosen to quote without attributing your sources, here is the article that you are quoting from. Read the. Air Force and Space Activities >. Rafale vs Eurofighter. Shar

The official website of the F-35 Lightning II. The Joint Strike Fighter is the next generation fighter to support the US Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, United Kingdom and defense partners in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, and Turkey The F-35 was never intended to be 'super-maneuverable', but more stealthy for BVR engagements. The F-35 has no canards, since those higher a jets' RCS; thus the F-35 has it's weak spot: WVR, in a gunfight. The Rafale and EF2k both have canards to help in maneuverability, and more unstable airframes F-35 = 6.97 RAFALE = 6.95 Eurofighter = 5.83 F-16 Block 60 = 5.80. Well, we must admit that the JSF / F-35 Lightning II is the best fighter among those that were assessed. However it was a close shave, wasn't it? Some might say it was just an illusion. Well, why not? Illusion would be everywhere - as for instance Rafale News: Rafale F3-O4T and beyond Meanwhile Su 35 's future upgrades depends upon it's manufacturing order alone whether it is from Russian airforce /or from export customers as recently 30-40 planes have been ordered from Russian airforce & Venezuela is known to be 1st export customer though the deal hasnt been signed yet

Rafale vs f 35. Rafale vs f 35 Today's Rafale F3 has little to do with the very first F1. But fifth generation fighters like the F-22 and the coming F-35 have the sensor, data fusion,. F-16 della Belgian Air Force sono stati rischierati in Italia per addestrarsi con gli Eurofighter dell'Aeronautica Militare Italiana del 36° Stormo Caccia di Gioia del Colle. Per due settimane, dal 24 Settembre al 05 Ottobre 2018, sei F-16AM/BM, cinque monoposto e un biposto in livrea special color, provenienti dalla base aerea di Florennes hanno condiviso [ In my interviews with F-35 pilots, one word repeatedly came up: survivability. Surviving the Lockheed Martin F-35's primary mission—to penetrate sophisticated enemy air defenses and find and disable threats—requires what the fifth-generation jet offers: stealth and a stunning array of passive and active sensors bringing information to the pilot

ΘΕΜΑ: Rafale vs F-35. Is Rafale superior to Eurofighter? Let's find the answer. One key difference from the past is the role of the AWACs. If this exercise was held 12 years ago, the AWACS would have worked with the fighters in a hub-and-spoke system, with the AWACS acting as the central hub, pushing targeting and warning data out to the. Rafale F4 will include better radar and sensors plus the integration of the Mica NG air-to-air missile and 1,000-kg AASM Air-to-Ground Modular Weapon. Dassault received the green light to develop the F4-standard for the Rafale fighter when Florence Parly, French Minister of the Armed Forces, paid a visit to its Mérignac plant on Jan. 14, 2019

Video: Dassault Rafale vs F-35 « Defense Issue

F-35 vs Rafale: il caccia francese significativamente

  1. g designs and prototypes from the likes of Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and BAE, the Japanese Ministry of Defense announced to develop its fighter jets, indigenously. Proposals from Lockheed, Boeing and [
  2. ⏩ INTRODUCTION : Indian Air Force is poised to get 110 new aircrafts under MMRCA 2.0. No matter the technical competence of each aircraft, the previous Rafale deal controversy or India's tilt towards USA in view of emerging Indo-US alliance, the p..
  3. Euro Fighter Typhoon Vs Rafale

Orders for 59 F3, 47 aircraft for the air force (11 two seats and 36 one seats) and 12 (one seat) for the navy, were placed in December 2004. Rafale F3 was certified in July 2008. The contracts also included an increase in the Rafale F2 aircraft. The first Rafale F3 was sent to the French Air Force in 2008 Which is better? Better at what? The F-16 has been produced by the thousands. Its reliability has been proven, and the production tooling was long ago paid for. In head-to-head competition for foreign sales, the F-16 has almost always come out ahe.. Strange as it may seem, the French have not managed to export Rafale fighter aircraft so far However, the Rafale has been deemed to be an excellent fighter aircraft so many times - formidable in dogfighting, awesome when it strikes,Lire la suite RAFALE vs Typhoon/Eurofighter, F-16s, and even F-22Raptor! Guess which gives the others a rough ride? F-35 vs F-16 Dogfight. There is much discussion over the F-35 vs F-16 dogfight. Especially because a report came out in 2015 detailing how the F-16 outmatched the F-35 in a dogfight. But there are key factors that need to be put on the table before forming an accurate opinion on the F-35s ability to hold its own

Why Rafale is a better choice for India than F-35 - F-35

F-22 vs F-35 Cost. The F-22 is expensive. The U.S. Air Force had to stop production early on the F-22 because of soaring project costs. The cost of one aircraft alone is an estimated $334 million which includes research and development (unit cost of $150 million) Eurofighter vs F-16 - Comparison - BVR - Dogfigh . A F22 Raptor was not even caught by 3-4 F 15s in mock fights. Its very difficult to base this JF 17 Block III would be primarily supporting F 16s Block 52 in Air Superiority in short range with Agility and Huge cost difference: Rafale > 120 M US$ vs Projected cost of All Equipped JF 17 Block III around. F22A vs F15E vs F15SE vs Eurofighter Typhoon vs Dassault Rafale vs Su27 vs PAK FA. Discussion in 'The War Room' started by Picard578, Nov 26, 2011 Lockheed Martin consegna il 500° caccia stealth F-35. Permangono problematiche irrisolte e costi in ascesa continua - DIFESA E INTELLIGENCE - L'Antidiplomatico - La politica internazionale che il mainstream non vi raccont Definitions of Dassault_Rafale, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Dassault_Rafale, analogical dictionary of Dassault_Rafale (Italian

Greece Officially Confirms Intention To Buy 18 French

I figured a nice little debate for those knowlidgable on the subject to have. We don't need to talk about any other planes here except the two mentioned, and don't turn this into a nationalist thread either. I want to know which plane is better, and so these are my queries 1. Can the two planes be compared? That is, do they aim to fulfil similar / same mission parameters The let's put two planes against one another without anything else scenario is pretty much nonsense, given that, for all fighters of a current generation (Typhoon T3, Rafale F3/F3R, F-22, F-35, T-50), the fighter itself will be a small parameter among many others, such as the pilots and frakking luck November 2018 - The Rafale F3-R production standard has been approved by French authorities. The model represents an upgraded form including support for the MBDA Meteor Air-to-Air Missile (AAM) and special ground weapons support. January 2019 - Dassault has received the Rafale F4 development contract from the French government

The F-35 Lightning II is a 5th Generation fighter, combining advanced stealth with fighter speed and agility, fully fused sensor information, network-enabled operations and advanced sustainment. Three variants of the F-35 will replace the A-10 and F-16 for the U.S. Air Force,. Will Dassault's fighter become a fashionably late fighter platform that builds on its parent company's past successes - or just the late Rafale? It all began as a 198 F22 vs rafale. French Dassault Rafale vs US Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor Comparison. Rafale vs F-22 Flight Cost Per Hour. Overall and BVR ratings. CATEGORY: DASSAULT RAFALE: F-22 RAPTOR: BVR Rating: 90%: 98%: Armament: 8.6/10: 8.2/10: Technology: 8. French Dassault Rafale vs US F-35 Lightning II ComparisonComments of readers (Feel free to Leave a Reply on bottom.)1. Maybe F-35 is better but there is lot tehnicial problems with it and that is reason why it is not in use. F-35 is stealth plane ; d that the Gripen can take off AND land in 600m, be refueled and rearmed in te

F 35 vs rafale price - bh

As of the F3 standard, the Rafale will gain a reconnaissance capability, allowing the Mirage F1CRs to be phased out. The Rafale F3 is to carry the newly developed Recce NG pod from Thales Land and Joint Systems (see below). F3-standard aircraft will also be equipped with a helmet-mounted cueing system. For a long time, th The F-35's impact can be felt in the skies as well as on the production lines of more than 1,900 suppliers around the world. Learn More. The Social Life of the F-35. The Global F-35 Community is Growing. Join us here. Additional Information. Media Contact. Brett Ashworth. 817-777-2664

The Dassault Rafale (French pronunciation: , literally meaning gust of wind, and burst of fire in a more military sense) is a French twin-engine, Dassault Rafale | FRENCH MULTIROLE FIGHTER Omyplan The Typhoon's combat performance, compared to the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II fighters and the French Dassault Rafale, has been the subject of much discussion. In March 2005, United States Air Force Chief of Staff General John P. Jumper, then the only person to have flown both the Eurofighter Typhoon and the Raptor, said E nisto, pelo menos caças como o F-15SA/QA/EX, F-16E/F Block 60, F/A-18 Super Hornet Block 2/3, EA-18G Growler, F-22, F-35, Typhoon Tranche 3 e Rafale F3-R/F4, são pelo menos tão avançados/sofisticados/capazes quanto o Gripen E/F. net JAS 39 Gripen vs Eurofighter TyphoonComments of readers (Feel free to leave a reply on bottom)1 Dassault Rafale French Air Force solo display Paris Airshow 2015. 00 U$, on sale at 499. Used primarily in Europe we don't often get to see them in the United States but that doesn't make them any less formidable. F-35 64mm Electric Ducted Fan Radio Control Jet Ready-To-Fly $295

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